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Managed Medical Affairs Services and Innovative Global Expansion Strategy

Episome’s “Green Venture” Model for global expansion
Episome’s “Green Venture” Model for global expansion

At The Right Time, Collaborate to Accelerate Global Expansion. Start Small, scale fast

  • (1) Regional Entry Strategy for Global Clinical Operations,or
  • (2) Country Specific Commercial Market Presence
Managed Services
Managed Services

Build The Right Team, tailor a team of experts and deliver for either;

  • (1) Medical Affairs support for clinical operations, either country specific or create a global reach
  • (2) Country Specific pre-launch activities
  • (3) Country Specific post-launch activities
Regional entry strategy for clinical operation
Regional entry strategy for clinical operation
Clinical Operation Managed Services
Strategic stakeholder engagement to accelerate Clinical Development
Pre-Launch Managed Services
Pre-Launch and post launch Managed Services

Episome’s “Green Venture” Model for global expansion

With Episome, launch international affiliates with a Greenfield approach and Joint Venture advantages.

Accelerate, immediate access to Episome’s network, shared interim management team, shared office space, and corporate operations

Immigration support to develop a path for bringing in foreign CEO/GM leadership

Connections for fundraising opportunities for early, mid, or late stage companies.

Reduce costs, create a virtual company presence

De-risk by scaling after approval and reimbursement


“What I Do”

Outsourced Medical Affairs Services to support internal process and strategic development as well as clinical development programs, product pre-launch, or product post-launch activities.

Provide a medical strategic partner to establish global stakeholder engagement early in your product development cycle.

Provide instant access to a growing channel of life science industry service providers and corporate partners to build collaborative solutions and accelerate strategic expansion.

“Who I Help”

Growing life science companies looking for experienced and dedicated outsourced medical affairs talent.

CEOs focusing on accelerating global expansion into North America and beyond through innovative models to add value and get results quickly.

Life Science service providers or technology companies that are searching for channel partners to open new growth opportunities.

“How I Do It ”

21st Century dynamics are shifting the career culture in the life science industry.

By understanding both client’s and partner’s desired outcomes, Episome builds the right team at the right time

Assembling capabilities, talent, resources, infrastructure and innovative corporate solutions to accelerate milestones and deliver results.

People drive the global life science industry, and it is a small world, Episome makes it smaller.